An Introduction

Hi there guys thought i’d introduce myself and explain why i’m looking to join you all.

Well the names Mac (Morgan is what my mum calls me), I’m 28, currently living in Kinloss and my avatar gives away what I do. I am generally quite fit, I play golf with a handicap of 11/12, enjoyed playing football until I was seriously injured which resulted in a broken Fibula and Tibia and as such has limited my playing time. That was back in August but had to go back in at the start of December as there was issues with the Tibia fusing so that has put my recovery time back quite a bit. So in order to keep my fitness going I took to swimming more often and am now considering road cycling as another great way to do so, along with meeting new people.

My bike is a cheapo and will for the most part remain that way, despite being aware that I will get no where near as fast as I could be but that’s not what i’m looking to get out of cycling, so i don’t have an issue with that. Although having a heavier bike (and wheels, the front one is 1960g) will just make my legs stronger.

No doubt at some point I will need to ask questions, probably stupid ones but I don’t take offence at being shouted at.

I am considering making my way down to Nairn tomorrow and will probably set off about 9ish from Kinloss, although having just mapped the route i think 30 miles might be just too far for me just now, so if i’m having issues i’ll be turning round at Brodie and heading back. So no doubt i’ll see you pass me at the back end of Forres :smile:

One question: What sort of average speed ranges would you normally get on a 50 miles run?

Hi Mac, Sorry for the delay in replying. The ‘average’ Sunday Club run now splits into two groups, a steady paced group and a slightly quicker group. The slower group on average ‘travels’ at approx 13/15 mph while the quicker group travels at approx 16/18mph. The quicker group goes on a slightly longer run with the aim being to meet up with the steady group at the Cafe Stop.

No one ever gets dropped (left behind) and both groups wait at the top of the big climbs so the groups effectively travel at the pace of the slowest rider. You would be most welcome on a Sunday morning (8:30am) at Cooper Park.

Alternatively, once the lighter nights come there is a Tuesday Evening run aimed at those new to the ‘sport’.


Ps. I forgot to say if you wish you don’t have to do the whole route/run. On a Sunday there a few member who for whatever reason only do part of the route before heading home…

Evening Edward, I saw that you meet at Cooper park, probably something i won’t be able to manage very often on a Sunday, perhaps once a month. Tuesday night sounds appealing though.

No need for apologies in replying, i don’t know if i did in fact pass anyone from the club on Sunday but i was surprised by the amount of cyclists out and about (must have passed 15+)

I ended up going to Brodie and turning round, but i think that was more a psychological result of me knowing how far i’d go if i chose to turn round there. That said i was more than happy to do almost 22 miles for my 2nd ride and although Strava says i was moving for 1hr 51mins, i think that is wrong as when i stopped at Brodie for a drink (and “comfort” break) it continued to add time and 0.2 of a mile, i was happy that i kept a fairly steady pace for most of the journey.

Is there somewhere else the club uses to chat? As both here and facebook seem very quiet.

Oh and i got my Cateye cadence (finally) so that will give me a bit more reason to slightly push myself harder.

Sunday’s run was a quiet one as the roads were icy and there had been a couple of nasty accidents on Saturday with one club member ending up in hospital with a broken leg.

The club runs normally attract anywhere between say 12 to 20 members, depending on the weather.

The Forum has not (yet) taken off with the members. We are developing a new website. Facebook is the best place for chat, weirdly there are two pages with the public group one being the most used. You need to request to join it (if you are on FB), I will look out for your Facebook request. We post all the activities on there.

Look forward to meeting you soon


Jeez thats not good, I hope they are OK and i know how good the staff are at Dr. Grays. I actually took a fall myself on a patch of ice but nothing major. Not a good start to their year :frowning:

See you on facebook.