Club clothing order December 2014

Hi All, I have contacted Impsport for an up to date price list and order form for the club Kit range. (see attached) Password ELGIN1017 case sensitive

There is a 4 week lead time so we need to act quickly if the kit is needed for Xmas.

Can everyone document their order on the form attached and either hand it in to Alan Milne showroom for the attention of either Andy Cameron or Stevie Milne . We are open 7 days a week 8-5 and 12-5 on a Sunday.

With previous experience of placing orders and being left with stock that the club can’t use, we would like 50% deposit of your order upfront.

The pricing structure depends on the volume of purchase so if you pay 50% of the dearest price, the balance will be adjusted when we see what the discount is.

I hope this suits everyone and hope we can get a sufficient value ordered to secure a good deal.

Can we close the order take on Tuesday 18th November.