Minutes of the NOSCA AGM 2014

The 60th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the North of Scotland Cycling Association (NoSCA) was held at 14:00 on the 9 November 2014 in Culloden Academy.

Chris Oakley (Wick Wheelers), John MacMillan (Time Trial Secretary/Moray Firth Cycling Club), Alasdair MacLennan (Forres Cycling Club), William Mac Donald (Ben Wyvis Cycling Club) and Kevin Thompson.

Alasdair Washington (Chairman/Caithness Cycling Club), Robert F Brady (Secretary/Forres Cycling Club), Alan White (Treasurer/Forres Cycling Club), Mark Munro (Road Race Secretary/Cairngorm Cycling Club), Peter H Robertson (Track Secretary/Forres Cycling Club), Donald Hall (Scottish Cycling Regional Development Officer (SCRDO)), Kevan Sturgeon (Moray Cycle Racing Team), George Grant (Forres Cycling Club), Mike Gannon (Inverness Cycle Club), Alan Robson (Inverness Cycle Club), David Stuart (Cromarty Firth Cycling Club). Neil Crookston (Elgin Cycling Club) and Mark Houliston (Elgin Cycling Club).

Chairman’s Remarks:
The Chairman reported that Al Sutton is still battling with the effects of his second stroke and we all send him and Julie our very best wishes.
The reorganisation of Scottish Cycling will have major effects on the way we operate but we await details and timescales.
The considerable effort to establish a Velodrome in Inverness continues and Mike Greaves and John MacMillan continue to spearhead the work. I would urge all North individuals and clubs that haven’t already done so to become members of the HiVelo Trust. This not only helps to fund essential groundwork studies but it helps to demonstrate to funding organisations such as Sport Scotland that we are committed to our goal. The team again put on a superb Culloden Sportive in October and congratulations to all who were involved.
Another encouraging area is that of Youth Development under the very able guidance of Kenny Riddle and Wim Chalmet and again our thanks to them for doing so much in this field.
NOSCA again promoted the Scottish 100 mile Championship and organiser Peter Robertson is to be warmly congratulated for his outstanding work, together with his many helpers. This was on a new course, up to the Dornoch Bridge, and many thanks to Alan White for his hard work in devising and measuring what turned out to be a very successful and fast course. This event is vital to Scottish Cycling and with the loss of “100” courses over the country the Scottish BAR competition could collapse completely if the North was unable to run it. It was therefore particularly encouraging that at the Date Fixing Meeting in September there were generous offers to help at the 2015 event, from new club Inverness CC to provide marshals, and to Ken Andrews and the Ross-shire RCC to organise the catering. These are outstanding offers and are much appreciated.
Another successful area has been that of women’s racing and it is encouraging to see more ladies taking up the sport and we now have Ladies Road Racing in the North, thanks to the Moray Firth CC and to Cairngorm CC.
There have again been some outstanding successes by North riders, on road, track and Mountain Biking, although I haven’t managed to gather the MTB details yet. On the track we have a World Champion in Peter Ettles, who won gold in the 2K Pursuit, a brilliant performance, while Peter Robertson missed a bronze by about 1/100 of a second. The outstanding time trial performance was by Callum Finlayson in winning the Scottish 100 mile championship with the second fastest time in Scotland. In road racing Kenny Riddle and Brian Widdison rode in the Masters Tour of Majorca with Kenny finishing a superb third overall and first in his age group.
Finally I would like to publicise the excellent job done by Malcolm Gray on the NOSCA website, at Error 404 - Not found. It has a wealth of information including the Constitution, NOSCA Records, Special Series, Racing Calendar, Diary, Timekeepers etc. Please make use of it and contact Malcolm if you would like to add to it.

Minutes of the Previous AGM:
Proposed as a true and accurate record by Peter H Robertson and Seconded by Alan White. Carried unanimously.

Matters Arising:
East Sutherland Wheelers and Petal Power had had great success in attracting new members. Other clubs should try looking into different way to attract new members. They might try pushing the racing side less as it seems most people are attracted more by the keep fit and leisure side of cycling than the racing side. Those who want to race will drift in that direction eventually of their own accord.

Annual Reports from Secretaries:

Secretary’s Report:
This has been a very good year for NoSCA although at times I felt that I was not doing things correctly as the last Secretary seemed to send out a lot more e-mails than me. Then I realised why after a few comments that suggested I e-mail all the members of NoSCA, this is not going to happen I will e-mail only the Elected Committee Members and the Club Secretaries. It is up to the club secretaries to disseminate the information down to their club members after all that is why they are filling the post of club secretary.
Along with Donald Hall (SCRDO) and Kenneth Riddle (Moray Firth Cycling Club) I have been liaising with the Army at Kinloss Barracks for access to the roads on the base. I am happy to say this has been successful and the first training session on closed roads will take place on Sunday 30 November 2014. If all goes well and there are no incidents then I will try to negotiate use of the base for closed road open events as this will allow us to run more Youth road races.

Treasurers Report:
Please see financial report attached. The items in red relate to the Income and Expenditure for HiVelo and will no longer take place as HiVelo now have their own Banking Account.

Road Race Secretary’s Report:
Road Race Report:
MFCC Cawdor APR, Oversubscribed, though not all available places were raced. This should be looked at to avoid this happening again.
Forres Dyke APR, Complaints from various number of competitors regarding seeding/grouping. Some clear mistakes here.
Munlochy Women’s RR, I know very little about this one, great that it exists firstly, I have not seen a result sheet so I can’t judge its success.
MFCC Stage Race, rescued at last minute by the RDO, safe race well run. Big thanks to Mr RDO and MFCC for pulling together with all the accoutrements that are required in a stage race. Still have an issue with the District title being decided in a TT.
Cairngorm Kincraig APR, Much group reshuffling occurred by club advisors to the organiser to ensure a balanced race. Worth bearing in mind this was the organisers first ever race promotion, to do 5 races in two days including an APR and a RR was a herculean effort. I was line judging both the APR and the Sally Low memorial RR, both events ran smoothly. Worth noting the not sparse women’s field for the first running of the Sally Low.
NoSCATour Report:
Another record year, 208 different riders earning one point or more over the 52 races. This is also the case for the women with 32 women scoring one point or more.
The Under 23 category looks healthy however the number of juniors racing is pretty poor.
Still requiring race results from the following races:
Munlochy Women’s RR
Morlich Homes 10
East Sutherland Wheelers Crit meeting number 3
Iain Longbotham 25
Provisional top ten is as follows:
10th Mark Dryburgh
9th Mike Gordon
8th Eric Innes
7th Steven Liddle
6th Gary Cunningham
5th Gareth Luce
4th Chris Goddard
3rd Kenny Riddle
2nd Brian Widdeson
1st Calum Finlayson

Women’s top ten:
10th Laura Nicolson
9th Kirsteen Cockburn
8th Fiona Stewart
7th Susan Guest
6th Beth Anderson
5th Alana Ross
4th Georgia Mansfield
3rd Amanda Wagstaffe
2nd Katrina Moir
1st Anne Murray

Time Trial Secretary’s Report:
No report due to John having duties elsewhere. See Time Trial Best All Rounder Championship Tables attached.

Track Secretary’s Report:
Peter reported that there are only 2(two) Grass Track Meetings in the NoSCA Calendar and because of this some Championship Medals both NoSCA and Scottish Cycling (SC) were not awarded. He went on to say that this is a disgrace as there are lots of Highland Games Meetings that have cycling events within them which attract good numbers of cyclists including from our Association. He asked if Donald Hall (SCRDO) could speak to SC and try to get them to liaise with the various games to see if we can get them sanctioned.

Mountain Bike Secretary’s Report:
No Report.

Records Secretary’s Report:
This year I’ve had a frustrating time trying to get riders to submit claims, despite emails to club secretaries, followed by emails to all riders that I thought may have gained records. When only one rider responded to these I had to trawl through the data base of all the 2014 events in Scotland which is a lot of work and has the potential to miss rides and riders. There were of course some riders who didn’t need prompting and sent me all necessary details and I thank them for this. This is how it should be and how it has mainly been in previous years: with many organisations – the SVTTA is one – you only get a record if you submit a claim.
As a result I do not have a final list of new records, only a provisional one. I will circularise this and put it on the NOSCA web site.
In the Provisional List I have identified 2 Senior Male Records, outstanding rides at 10 miles and 100 miles by Callum Finlayson, and a total of 26 Veteran Age Records. They are by:
Ladies: Anne Murray, Lorna Stanger, Mary Eagleson and Anne Mitchell.
Men: Callum Finlayson, Andy Cowie, Kenny Riddle, Kevin Lackie, Roger Sewell and Alasdair Washington.
Many congratulations to you all.

Alterations to:
Title, Constitution, Objects and By-laws.
No Alterations.

Election of Office Bearers:
Proposed by Robert F Brady that due to the imminent change over from NoSCA to the new Scottish Cycling North Development Region (Scottish Cycling North) that the incumbent Office Bearers remain in place until the handover is complete. Seconded by Peter H Robertson. Carried unanimously.

Election of Financial Sub-committee:
Proposed by Robert F Brady that due to the imminent change over from NoSCA to the new Scottish Cycling North Development Region (Scottish Cycling North) that the incumbent Office Bearers remain in place until the handover is complete. Seconded by Peter H Robertson. Carried unanimously.

Set Financial Sub-committee Funding:
Proposed by Kevan Sturgeon that the funding remain at its current level of 15% of the NoSCA Funds. Seconded by Robert F Brady. Carried unanimously.

Set Per-Capita Fee:
Due to NoSCA having made a small loss of approximately £130.00 this year it was proposed by Alan White that the Per-Capita Fee be raised from its current level of £3.75 to £5.00. Seconded by Robert F Brady.
A counter proposal was submitted by Mark Houliston stating that seeing the loss was so small and that if the downward trend in NoSCA Finances continued at the same rate it would take about 20 years before NoSCA would run out of Finance then the Per-Capita Fee should remain at its current level and be reviewed again at the next AGM. Seconded by Kevan Sturgeon. Original proposal: 2(two) for rest against. Counter proposal 2(two) against rest for. Counter proposal carried. Per-Capita Fee to remain at current level of £3.75.

Ratification of Association Information for SC Handbook:
The Secretary is to e-mail all club secretaries to ascertain the following information:
Full Name
Full Postal Address
Telephone Number
Mobile Number
E-mail Address

For the following club officials and volunteers:

For Coaches and Commissaires their relevant qualifications will also be required.

This information will also be used to update NoSCA records so that we know who to contact for each club and to enable us to build a list of qualified volunteers to enable race organisers find the people required to help them run successful events.

Donald Hall (SCRDO) reported that the NoSCA Dirt Crit Series was now completed and had been a very well attended and successful. He asked if NoSCA would support the Series by covering the cost of the trophies as they had last year, this amounts to a total cost of £98.82. Proposed by Peter H Robertson that NoSCA pay for the trophies. Seconded by George Grant. Carried unanimously.

Kevan Sturgeon asked if it would be possible to review when and where NoSCA Meetings take place in the future. It was agreed to do this.

Date of NOSCARS:
The NOSCARS will be held as follows:
Station Hotel
Bridge Street

On Saturday 31 January 2015 at 14:00
For those wishing to have lunch at their own expense then it is recommended that you arrive for 12:00 to ensure you have sufficient time to finish your meal before the presentations start.

Donald Hall (SCRDO) to make inquiries into when SC will be holding their annual prize presentations.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 16:57.


Opening Balance @ 03-Nov-2013 £8357:81

Income: Expenditure:
High Council Grant to HiVelo £ 500:00 HiVelo Sportive Catering £1375:00
Sportive Income £3450:00 Nat Trust Scotland Grant £ 50:00
High Council Campus Caper Grant £1150:00 Sportive room hire £ 200:10
Awards for All Grant £4750:00 Solicitors Fees £ 234:00
NoSCA Affiliation £1027:50 Transfer to HiVelo £3404:00
SC Rebate £ 308:00 Campus Caper cancelled £1150:00
Race Levies £7335:10 Awards for all transfer to HiVelo £4750:00
Cheque not cashed £ 30:00 Sponsorship of Youth racing £ 240:00
Postage stamps £ 18:72
Room hire £ 26:00
Petrol expenses for B Pirie £ 132:00
Course registration 50 & 100 £ 10:00
Flowers for retiring Secretary £ 20:00
Trophies £ 965:05
Bus Hire, Youth crits, Ellon (BH) £ 139:68
Race levies to SC £6455:70
NoSCA grant to HiVelo £ 500:00

Total income for 2013/2014 £18550:60 Total Expenditure 2013/2014 £19670:25

Closing Balance @ 05-Nov-2014 £7238:16

Affiliated Clubs:
Ben Wyvis CC; Cairngorm CC; Caithness CC; City of Inverness; Cromarty Firth CC; Cuillin Wheels; East Sutherland Wheelers; Elgin CC; Forres CC; Moray Cycle Racing Team; Moray Firth CC; Nevis Cycles RT; Ross-shire Roads CC; West Highland Wheelers; Wick Wheelers CC; Wolfpax Riders; Highland Bikes Racing Team; Moray Mountain Bike Club.

Financial Sub-Committee:
Approved grant of £240.

Braveheart Grant:
The residue of the Braveheart grant carried over from 2013 £363:10
Bus hire £130:68
Balance £223:42

Rank Women 10 25 MPH
1 Anne Murray Moray Firth CC 24:56 1:03:53 23.772
2 Lorna Stanger Caithness CC 26:40 1:06:10 22.585
3 Alana Ross Forres CC 27:33 1:11:34 21.369
4 Mary Eagleson Ross-Shire RCC 28:05 1:10:12 21.367
5 Georgia Mansfield Forres CC 27:32 1:11:53 21.33
6 Katrina Moir Ross-Shire RCC 28:04 1:12:11 21.079

Team						MPH
Forres CC	Alana Ross					21.350
	Georgia Mansfield					

Rank Senior 100 50 25 MPH
1 Callum Finlayson Moray Firth CC 3:50:39 1:52:02 55:15 26.647
2 Gareth Luce Moray Cycle Racing Team 4:22:53 1:59:46 57:38 24.633
3 Mark Dryburgh Ross-shire Roads CC 4:29:40 2:07:26 1:01:21 23.414
4 Alasdair Washington Caithness CC 4:46:33 2:14:37 1:04:23 22.174
5 Scott Macdonald Cromarty Firth CC 4:49:26 2:16:03 1:06:53 21.736
6 Lorna Stanger Caithness CC 5:05:36 2:16:17 1:06:10 21.439
7 Ed Rattray Elgin CC 5:11:41 2:29:10 1:08:10 20.456
8 Katrina Moir Ross-Shire RCC 5:28:27 2:32:10 1:12:11 19.588

Rank Youth Male 25 10 MPH
1 Jake Carpenter Forres CC 1:09:05 25:51 22.462

Rank Youth Female 25 10 MPH
1 Georgia Mansfield Forres CC 1:11:53 27:32 21.330

Rank Male Veterans 10 25 50 100 Total
1 Alasdair Washington Caithness CC +15:25 +14:03 +14:15 +16:53 +1:0:36
2 Callum Finlayson Moray Firth CC +13:25 +10:58 +12:01 +14:09 +50:33
3 Mark Dryburgh Ross-shire Roads CC +7:42 +5:05 +4:33 +4:41 +22:01
4 Ed Rattray Elgin CC +1:35 -1:44 -6:19 -5:40 -12:08

Rank Female Veterans 10 25 Total
1 Anne Murray Moray Firth CC +8:52 +8:30 +17:22
2 Lorna Stanger Caithness CC +4:33 +6:13 +10:46
3 Katrina Moir Ross-Shire RCC +0:23 -0:28 -0:05