Pre war Elgin date/Id


Hi, I’m looking to date/ID this prewar Elgin I just bought (frame no J75774 ) was sold to me as a cardinal but I don’t know how reliable that is.
Ignore the English bars, I bought this from an airforce base so it’s been a little anglified!
These are rare here in England so any info anyone can give me that’d be great!!
I have no more pics yet as I haven’t collected it yet!
If anyone can also help with the missing parts (mostly the fork truss-rod, skiptooth chain & pedals) that’d be ace!
Many thanks, Eddy :slight_smile:


Hi Eddy, Think you may have come to the wrong place here, we are a cycling club in the small town of Elgin in the north of Scotland, and i believe your Elgin bicycle may have been born in the USA ? i doubt we would be able to give you an actual date.
But i will take a punt at 1937 !

Best of luck