The new discussion forum

H I am fairly new to this sort of thing, To be useful it will need to be readily accessible and easy to post messages with links on. Could we easily add the time trial results or add an invite for an afternoon run. What advantages over facebook which I don’t use!

There are a couple of ways to handle TT results.

  1. Build custom page which runs off of TT excel sheet Al uses to compile the results, however this needs somebody to build it and I’ve not got a lot of time at the moment.
  2. Create a category called ‘TT Results’ which only has TT results posted on it. User can view TT Results category and see all results starting with most recent.

To organise an impromptu afternoon ride you would create a new topic and categorise / tag it under ‘Cycle Anyone?’. Any users who’s subscribed to be notified about ‘Cycle Anyone?’ would get notified. The person posting the new topic can also explicitly invite other users to the topic.

The main advantage over Facebook is that it is not facebook! Your Online Clubhouse | Blog We own, are in control of the data on the forum.

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