Tips for a new rider regarding pedals

Hi there folks, I am very new to this cycling malarkey and am having problems using toe clips, I have changed them to flat pedals. Was wondering if you guys had any tips for a novice, many thanks


If your going to do a lot of cycling you should have a look a clip less pedals, the ones which your shoe clips into. It takes a little bit of practice engaging and disengaging your shoes from the pedal but worth it. You’ll get a much smoother efficient pedal stroke eventually.
There’s quite a few choices on the market, and you get different types for mtb and road bike. I’ve got crank brother egg beaters on my xc mtb and regular road bike. On race road bike I’ve got look keo pedals.

Cheers Ewan

I may give the clipless a go as I’m finding I am not getting the most from the normal pedals, appreciate your help and may see you out and about.